Lot Zero

What we can do for your coffee business.

Promoting specialty coffees and their correct use in a coffee shop means building credibility around a unfinished product that is too often taken for granted and relegated to a simple ritual.
In Sevengrams, since our beginnings, we want to train our customers in order to allow them to make aware choices when selecting their suppliers. With the launch of Lot Zero specialty coffee range, this belief has become for our company an essential discriminant for the definition of successful projects.



What we provide for wholesale customers aims to support a reliable positioning in the world of coffee.

While respecting the roles within a complex business project, we can support our clients in the definition of a correct layout of the workstation, the choice of coffee equipment, the design of an effective menu, the related staff training activity and, if required, of a custom blend.

Tailor made solutions

Do you want a custom coffee blend with your logo? Do you have a special project for your coffee shop but don't know how to accomplish it?

We do not believe that there is a unique model in a so crowded and complex market like the one of the coffee supplying. We work hard so that your business goals can be achieved with credibility. If you have a new project or want to relaunch your coffee shop or think that coffee can interact synergistically with your non-food core business, contact us for further information. It will be a pleasure to show you how “coffee” can turn into a strategic traffic builder.


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